Why investing in yourself is the best investment for your life


We often go through life spending a lot of our time caring for or thinking about the other people in our lives. 

Why is this? Of course, it is because we truly care for those people, and we want to make sure they are happy. 

But what about you? Do you invest enough time into yourself? This is a very interesting question. 

Even now in society, women are working more than ever and yet, according to a study done in the US, women are still spending up to 10 times more time on unpaid tasks including domestic tasks and childcare (compared to men).  

Come on ladies, why are you investing more time into the household and not enough time on yourself? 


We understand the “I don’t have time” excuse, but trust us, it is more important THAN ever to be investing the time into yourself just as much as it is to invest time into your family, friends and other people. 

Why should I start investing in myself? 

No matter what you believe in, if you actively spend time developing and investing in yourself, you will have more energy. When you take some time out of your day to spend time in your own company doing the things you love, and doing the things to develop your mindset, the more caring and confident you will be! 

Okay, let’s break it down. 

  1. It helps with your confidence 

When you spend the time investing in yourself, you develop skills you never thought were possible. The more you do this, the more confident you will be in your abilities. Just think, if you invested the time in yourself to go to the gym or do some form of physical activity, over time you will be more confident in yourself physically and from a health perspective. Same goes when you work on your mindset, the more you the inner work, the more confident you will be in yourself. 

  1. It helps with your relationships and connections 

Once you start working on you, you will have more self-love and compassion for yourself. These emotions have a positive impact on your overall mood, which means spending time with the people in your life is more enjoyable. When you bring energy into a relationship, it becomes infectious. People will enjoy your company a lot more when you are in a positive headspace. 

  1. It helps you achieve your goals 

When you put the work in and spend the time investing in yourself, you will learn so much more! You will learn what you want and how to action those wants to make them a reality. You will have more drive to set goals and will achieve them at a much quicker rate. 

How to start investing in yourself 

So, do you think it is time to start investing in yourself? What does this look like exactly? 

Here are just some of the MANY ways you can start investing in yourself! 

  • Create a morning routine (this could consist of meditation, journaling, reading, exercising). Read the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod for inspiration here
  • Create a self-care routine (skin care, baths, reading) look after your body 
  • Create an exercise routine (walks, gym – a mix of both throughout the week)
  • Read self-development books (these are GAME changers) 
  • Have uninterrupted ME time 
  • Invest actual money into products to benefit your life 
  • Invest actual money into personal development 

What type of investment will you make? 

Final thoughts 

Taking the plunge to invest in yourself is NOT easy! Words like guilty, no time and why? Come up a lot when we think about investing in ourselves, BUT it really is the best decision you can make to improve multiple areas in your life. 

If you aren’t sure where to get started, take out a notepad and pen, and write an answer to this question. 

“If you had NO fear, what area of your life would you improve right now?”. 

Once you know the answer to that question, you will know where to start investing your time when it comes to yourself. From there, you will find it gets EASIER. 

Next thing you know, you will have a full self-care Sunday! We understand you are busy, but NOW is the time to start investing in you for a brighter future! No matter how old or young you are, there is no time like the present. 

If you want to start your own routine, why not start by investing in some products to help you feel energised and ready to smash goals? 

Not sure about you, but we always feel ready for the day after a good morning or evening skin routine!

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