What Our Sense Of Smell Is Good For

What Our Sense Of Smell Is Good For

Scientists have always thought we were not very good at detecting and identifying odors. In modern society, we don’t have the vocabulary to describe all the things we are are capable of smelling, the human language doesn’t have words for a trillion smells. Unlike our other senses, our smell nerves doesn’t proceed directly  go to the brain’s thalamus (our consciousness). What our sense of smell Is good for is to feed information from the nose to areas that arouse emotions and memories without us even being aware of it. We don’t even realise we are influenced by smells. For m

Our Unique Scent

When it comes to biology, we still have primal instinct to know our families through their scent. Researchers found that what our sense of smell is good for is quite biological as nature intended. Mothers preferred the smell of their own children over others. The findings were similar for children. Children were able to  recognise the smell of their full brothers and sisters. (This research was presented at the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society conference in London, UK). Every person has a unique scent as part of their genetics. When it comes to scents, human scents affects our brain differently than other scents. The brain responsible for social processing light up, when we smell each other. For more information” 

The Brain and Smell Connection

We have a deep connection to smell and memory. Our brain have areas that hold our memories and smell. What our sense of smell is good for is to remember a time, and event, or people when we smell something in particular a moment in time. Studies have also found that people actually This often affects the smells we prefer and those we would like to stay away from.

In The Fragrance World

Perfumes are either male, female and less common is unisex. So what is the difference? When a scent is composed, its not done so as male or female, rather for it’s description. Perfumes described as woody, musky, aromatic, strong and leathery can be considered masculine perfumes. Feminine scents are often described as floral, fresh, fruity, sweet and lighter in t scents.  These days, what our sense of smell is good for when it comes to perfume choice, is usually quite subjective. Perfume choice is just that, choice. For each user, the same fragrance can smell quite different on each person.

Men’s cologne often have floral and fruity notes to balance the strong and leathery scents and women fragrances can have strong woody aromas amongst sweet and floral.  A man may be drawn to a feminine fragrance because it suites his own unique scent and women may want a stronger earthy tones of musk and amber because it can be quite comforting.

So our sense of smell, is still very important, we just don’t notice how important it. That is until a smell reminds us of grandmas house or the strong scent of hormones and colognes on Mykonos Island 🙂