How to build a self-care routine


A little bit of self-care can go a long way! Spending time and investing in yourself is not only a benefit to yourself but to those around you. So, how do you build a self-care routine to fit into your busy schedule? Or how do you even get started? 

At Somaly Skin, of course, self-care is so important to us and we are huge advocates for a good self-care routine. But we also understand that it isn’t always easy to get one set in stone. 

Well, we are here to give you the top tips to make a self-care routine that you can easily implement into your life. 


Understand why it is important to have a self-care routine

Before you can implement a self-care routine, you need to understand why it is so important for you to have one. 

To easily break it down, the more time you spend investing in yourself the better of a person you can be to other people in your life. If you treat yourself with love and respect, you can create love and respect yourself! 

If you need to understand a little bit more about why you need a self-care routine and why investing in yourself is SO important, please check out another blog we did on “Why investing in yourself is the best investment for your life” or you can seek some third party advice here

Brainstorm ideas 

To start a fun, exciting self-care routine, you firstly want to brainstorm some ideas on what you might want to do during this time. These things could include: 

  • Listen to a podcast 
  • Read a book 
  • Exercise 
  • Nature walk 
  • Facials/skincare routine 
  • Taking yourself on a date 
  • Taking hot baths 
  • Dancing 
  • Learning a new skill or hobby 

Really the list is ENDLESS and will depend on your interests. Some people see self-care as just pampering, but of course, it is more than that! It is doing things that fill you up with joy and allow you to spend time with yourself. Like quality time!

So get out a pen and paper and start listing your ideas!! If you need more inspiration, Women’s Health Mag has some great ideas too!  


Schedule your week 

Once you know the types of things you will want to do as part of your self-care routine you must be excited to get started yeah? Well, now you want to look at your calendar (if you don’t have a schedule, DEFINITELY spend time creating one). This is where you can work out when you can find time for YOU! 

Now, once a week is fine, but if you can find time DAILY, that will be perfect! Once you have your week planned out, you will be surprised where you can find the time. 

Make sure you block out your self-care time like it was a meeting for work or your children’s activities. 

Set goals for your routine 

Setting goals for a self-care routine might sound strange, BUT setting goals around your routine will hold you accountable! So do you want to try and do your self-care routine 3 days a week? Set it as a goal! 

Maybe you want to read 5 books this year? Well, that is a goal and the way to achieve it is by adding it to your routine! Of course, don’t pressure yourself, these goals can be small, but might be enough to keep you motivated to spend time to yourself. 

Be flexible 

Of course, things come up, so be flexible. Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss it for a few days, but always make sure you remind yourself why it is important to have a self-care routine. 

If mornings work well for you, do mornings. But if one morning something comes up, try and schedule it later in the day or move it accordingly. 

One thing to remember is, do not have an emotional attachment to the result. So if you miss a day, don’t be hard on yourself. BUT also have a level of accountability that you don’t just push it to the side. 


Always review 

If you are a month into your new self-care routine and you find you hate it. Ask yourself why? Is it because you are putting pressure on yourself, or because you chose reading in your routine and you hate reading. 

Ask yourself why it isn’t working and change it up! If you hate reading, maybe listen to an audiobook? The point of a self-care routine is to love it and to get joy out of spending time on your own. It shouldn’t be a chore and if it feels like that, review! 

Final thoughts 

How do you feel about implementing a self-care routine into your life? Trust us, it is so possible! Even the busiest CEO’s in the world have a self-care routine! 

So here is some things you can do right now: 

  • Brainstorm some ideas 
  • Get your calendar in order 
  • Put a self-care routine in your calendar
  • Set some self-care goals 

Once you have done that, you can start having your own self-care routine! But remember, there is no right or wrong self-care routine. It is whatever works for you! So test and trial and see what makes you feel good!! 

Comment below your routine! Better yet, come over to Instagram and tell us! 

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