How to build on your self-care and knowledge

Knowledge is power, right? Self-care creates power in yourself, yes? So why don’t we combine the two? Building on your knowledge IS a form of self-care and should be considered when you are developing any form of self-care routine! 

At Somaly Skin, YOU know we are passionate about self-care, so we are on a mission to inspire you to add any form of self-care into your life! 

What is self-care? 

To break down the definition of self-care, it is the activities you do with the intention of enhancing your health and energy while reducing your stress levels. There are SO many different forms of self-care you can do, which we have explained in a previous blog, “how to build a self-care routine”. 

But self-care is all about processing your life, your emotions and how you can handle situations to best serve you. If you participate in self-care, you understand the importance of you! The more you love and respect yourself, the more you can love and respect others!

Self-care works to care for yourself! You can do this through amazing activities, including building on your own knowledge. 


How is knowledge a form of self-care? 

How does this even work? How is knowledge a form of self-care? Well if we break it down, gaining more knowledge works to help you handle different situations in your life, no matter what they are. 

If you gain more knowledge on health, you are more likely to choose a healthy lifestyle. If you gain knowledge in business, you are more likely to succeed in business and live a more fulfilling life for yourself and your family. The list goes on.

But to sum it up, if you are allowing yourself time to gain more knowledge in a topic that interests you, it means you are allowing yourself time to work on you! 

Then, of course, the topic you gain knowledge on, you can implement into your life for positive impacts. 

Knowledge also brings confidence and all of those positive traits that help us level up in life! You can learn more about this from a great article LinkedIn did about self-care. 

What types of self-care activities build on knowledge? 

So, what can you do to build on your own knowledge as part of your self-care routine? Well, firstly, of course, choose a topic and subject you want to learn more about! 

Then you can do the following activities during your self-care routine: 

  • Read books 
  • Listen to podcasts 
  • Watch online videos 
  • Join events or workshops 
  • Find mentors to work with 
  • Start a course 

All of these are great forms of self-care and also help you gain more knowledge!! 


How can you fit self-care into your life

Adding any form of self-care into your life is SO important! Whether you are a busy working mum or a young adult who is juggling a lot, you can still add self-care into your day. 

It would be listening to a podcast while you cook dinner or reading 10 minutes of a book in your lunch break, you CAN add little bits of self-care to your day, it doesn’t have to be super hard. 

If you need more inspiration, read more from Forbes about adding small self-care additions into your life to get started! 

Final thoughts 

Forming a self-care routine where you add knowledge or learning is SUPER powerful. From podcasts to books, there is a lot of self-care activities you can add to your life that will help you build on yourself personally and professionally. 

It is all about identifying what you want to gain more knowledge on and then implementing that into your day! You don’t have to even carve out a huge amount of time to get some self-care in either! 

What knowledge building exercises are you going to add into your life??