Roses – A story of love and legal tender

The discovery of roses

Roses –  a story of love and legal tender. This is a tale of how a flower in the Rosaceae family has survived the fads and the trends of time. In todays fast pace world, there are few things in life that stays on trend, from flare jeans to skinny jeans to active wear every where. So, it seems, that roses remains a symbol of love, beauty, and perfume. It has travelled through time, as a romantic novice, in luxurious perfume, in love potion and even as legal tender.

So, according to fossil evidence, roses are about 35 million years old. This flower has a long and colourful history. Roses was wide spread across the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska through to northern Africa.  It may have been first cultivated in China around 5,000 years ago. The Romans used roses  as confetti at celebrations, in medicines and in perfumes. There were large public rose gardens south of Rome.

Roses in politics.

England in the fifteenth century had a civil war between York and Lancaster.  White rose symbolise the York while red rose symbolise Lancaster as symbol of control  over England. Now more commonly known as the “War of the Roses”.

Fast forward to the seventeenth century, roses were in high demand.  Royalty considered roses or rose water as legal tender, and they were often used as barter and for payments. Later in the 1800s, Napoleon’s wife Josephine had a huge collection in her estate garden near Paris.  This was when the original cultivars from China was introduced to Europe.

In medieval times, roses became a symbol of power. It is believed that the oldest rose plant appeared there in 815 AD in a Catholic cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany, and said to be still alive today.  It currently stands at10 meters high. During the 12th and 13th centuries, many knights and soldiers who returned from the Crusades in the Middle East carried samples of roses with them.

Rose essential oil

Roses are harvested in early Summer and during early mornings. It is most fragrant when it is half open and ready for pollination. Not all roses smell the same, they range from true scent of roses to slightly fruity and lemon and spicy.

There are two distinct types of rose essential oil;  Rose Otto and Rose Absolute. Rose essential oil has antioxidant, antibacterial, astringent, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Rose Otto essential oil is derived by heating rose petals in water to release the oil concentrate. Rose absolute uses a solvent to extract the oil from the rose petals. Rose Otto is used aromatically and topically. Rose oil can nourish your skin, calm your mind, treat insomnia, or reduce menstrual cramps. Most rose oil in the world comes from Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Morocco.

Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent

If you want a true classic that reminds you of romantic Paris, then you can’t go pass Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. Released in 1983 to capture the sparkle of Paris city of lights in a bottle. Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is a cult classic fragrance. This is a beautiful and very feminine fragrance. It opens with fragrant rose and creamy violets. A brilliant, bold and feminine blend of mimosa, geranium, bergamot, mayflower, hawthorn and juniper. Delightful Damascus rose  rose, violet, sandalwood, iris, amber and musk add a soft dewy scent to the perfume. View it here;

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Tresor Perfume by Lancome,

Another classic elegant fragrance is Tresor by Lancome. This fragrance is considered to be a modern classic released in 1990. Truly romantic fragrance of juicy peach and ripe apricot added to blooms of rose. Softly rounded with no hard edges, this is a refined and romantic fragrance for women. Notes include apricot blossom, rose, lilac, iris, peach, amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. View product here;

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