Love Great Fragrances With Great Value??

Love brand fragrances and love great value for money. We have something in common!!

Mancera Aoud Cafe, great fragrances and great value !

The house of Mancera has great fragrances with great value. The perfumer Pierre Mancera first opened his first boutique and luxurious store in Vendome, Paris. It was based on Art Deco designs with rare and luxurious ingredients.

The brand of perfume released in 2008 and became a distribution of Al Arther. They were the creators of Montale fragrances and played a huge part in Mancera Global.

The notes that best describes a signature bottle of Mancera are oriental, and middle eastern. With scents of woody accords, floral and citrus and characteristics that are intense and seductive with olfactory charm.

So if you love great fragrances with great value, look no further. Below are a list of our top 5 favourites and are great value for money because they are unisex, intense, strong and great for the cooler season. Requiring only a few sprays and long wearing. So you can afford to wear it more often and share with your better /other half.

For great fragrance and value for money you can’t go pass these five fragrances;

  • Aoud Vanille is a classic fragrance with mass appeal, smooth, velvety and musky woody but sweet and delicious.
  • Roses and chocolates is a delicious and sensuous blend of roses, dark chocolates. Notes of blackcurrant, mandarin, bergamot, peach, cedar wood, vanilla and musk.
  • Aoud Lemon Mint which doesn’t have mint but is refreshing with aromatic scents of jasmine, coriander, and smooth sandalwood.
  • Intensive Aoud Gold Perfume has a blend of roses and warmth of spices ans woody musk aromas.
  • Aoud cafe is very gourmand, with a kick for winter, its powerful and warm.

Love great fragrances with great value. You can’t go pass the house of Mancera! Watch the below YouTube for more insight.