Corporate Christmas Gifting With Brand Fragrance

Corporate Christmas Gifting With Brand Fragrance

Consider brand fragrance as office gifting this year.

Do you dare to be a little more thoughtful with your Christmas gifting this year, dare to spend a little more to show your colleagues that they mean more to you than just your go to guy/girl when you want something from them? How about Corporate Christmas Gifting With Brand Fragrance?

You might not say it out loud, but Christmas gifting to your colleagues can be ANNOYING. Well most of us has been in that work environment when Christmas parties is a big deal. Gifting your colleagues for Christmas can feel robotic. I have had corporate ladies and gentlemen come to me and say, I need to buy a Christmas gift, give something cheap, no more than $20. I’d like something unisex, wrapped upped please!

Consider something a little more meaningful and thoughtful this year. It doesn’t have to be that way for everyone, just the colleagues that deserve your acknowledgement, it’s also very personal. Here are a few my suggestions for this years corporate gifting.

Gifting Your Executives

Corporate Christmas Gifting With Brand Fragrance is a great chance to know your star employees. It gives you the opportunity to profile personality type; Sales executives should be driven, energetic and, charming.  They are also calm and relaxing to be around, they make the client feel comfortable and very willing co-operate! For your male superstar exec, I recommend a fragrance blend of mostly citrus aroma but also has calming notes. Musk and herby notes such as lavender is calming and soothing . Brand fragrance doesn’t need be too pricey, just thoughtful.

For a more refined and mature executive, try a classic Givenchy fragrance, such as; Givenchy Monsieur Eau De Toilette, a classic fragrance that was first launched in 1959. It has strong citrus top notes of lemon, carnation, pepper and cinnamon. Followed by middle notes of lemon verbena and lavender, then closes with sandalwood, mush and oakmoss.

A gift including the wife, will make it that bit more special, throw in another bottle, stick to the same brand but something a little more romantic and feminine. Pair the Givenchy Monsieur with another classic fragrance such as Givenchy Ysatis Eau De Toilette spray, so the theme is still classic fragrance that is ideal for the mature couple. The perfume was released in 1985, an exotic fragrance for woman that is feminine and intriguing. Romantic  notes of rose, iris, mandarin, vanilla & jasmine then oakmoss, balsam & amber to help create memorable moments.


Gifting Your Rising Star

Now for the younger, driven, slightly over the top youthful charm, I will suggest something a little more modern, energetic but grounded.  Yves Saint Laurent  L’homme Cologne, introduced in 2006 is citrus and spicy. It sits close to the skin, a subtle yet masculine fragrance. L’homme blends citrus notes of bergamot with the warm scent of ginger and spices for a balanced but intriguing opening duo. Herbal notes of cedar and basil is calming and grounding. This men’s scent captures the appeal of calm, inviting confidence that is balanced enough to wear day and night for any occasion and for that special sales deal. 

Now to include a gift for the significant other, I’m going to assume a gender neutral fragrance, because I just can’t tell any more! And personally, I think the modern brand fragrance is also gender neutral most of the time to reflect my confusion. Personally, I don’t mind wearing a strong musky, earthy man’s fragrant, with a touch of floral or sweet fruity aromas, not because I’m part man, simply because I enjoy that intensity in a fragrance sometime (maybe I am part man?)

Ok, getting back to the fragrance choice for the significant other of a young determined rising superstar, I suggest  Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Bleu Perfume, 

This fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier and released in 2015 as a unisex scent. Both men and women will enjoy wearing this refreshing flowery fragrance. The top notes are lavender and shiso leaf. The heart notes are violet, blue tea and oolong tea. The finishing notes are creamy musk and iris blossom. A warm and inviting embrace that you can share with your partner.

Now for the female rising superstar, I’m going to recommend something feminine, exotic but still with blends of citrus and musk.

Modern Muse Perfume by Estee Lauder, is a complex and slightly oriental-inspired.  Estee lauder’s modern muse was launched in 2013 and it won a fifi in 2014. This women’s fragrance starts with a top note of citrusy orange but quickly mellows to sweet, feminine floral. Honeysuckle is a feature fragrance followed by jasmine over spicy base notes of patchouli and musk. Modern muse is a grown-up perfume for the confident modern woman. Smooth and sophisticated fragrance that you can confidently wear anytime and anywhere.

And for the significant other, I’m going to suggest a sexy and fun scent that is unsex, Mancera Roses & Chocolate Perfume by Mancera. This is a unisex fragrance created by Mancera by Pierre Montale and released in 2013. A fruity floral scent for both men and women, its a tantalizing and yummy fragrance.  Top notes of black currant, mandarin, bergamot and peach. The heart notes are violet, rose and dark chocolate. Finishing notes are cedar wood, vanilla, solar notes and white musk. 

Corporate Christmas Gifting With Brand Fragrance For Everyone

off course, you don’t have to limit gifting brand fragrance just for your sales superstar. Corporate Christmas gifting with brand Fragrance  its great as couples gifts for any occasion, especially as client  gifts. It’s the perfect opportunity to say thank you and please pass on my contact details to your family and friends.