The six reasons why you need a consistent skincare routine

A good skincare routine can do WONDERS for your overall health and wellbeing. When you have a consistent skincare routine, it has amazing benefits and GREAT properties for prevention of bad skin in the future and of course, it’s great for our confidence! 

Good skin is very beneficial for our overall health and being the largest organ in our body, needs to be cared for just like all of the parts that make us who we are. 

Here is why you need to form a consistent skincare routine! 

1. Radiant skin takes time and energy 

We hate to break it to you, but beautiful, radiant skin takes time.  Just like everything in life, consistency is the key. The more consistent you are, the better off your skin will be! Have you ever noticed the days you don’t do your skincare routine, how do you feel? How does your skin feel? 

You know those times you go on holidays and get lazy with your skincare, usually you find weeks after you are trying to catch up and get your skin back to optimal health! 

When you take the time to show your skin love, it will love you back! 

2. Our skin is all very different 

Not one person is the same, which means not one skin type is the same. Some are very lucky and have naturally healthy and vibrant skin, BUT it doesn’t mean the skincare can be forgotten about. We all need some degree of love and attention for our skin, it just depends on our skin type. 

Having a personalised skincare routine for YOUR skin and giving it that extra TLC daily will go a long way.  

3. Skin cells shed daily 

As we mentioned in our blog all about exfoliating, our skin sheds about 1 million skin cells in a 24-hour period. So, this means you need to consistently hydrate and care for the new skin layers that develop! 

It also can mean skin that looks fresh, radiant and bright today and look dull and tired tomorrow!  

4. It helps with our confidence 

Our skin is our only exposed organ, it is what we expose to the elements and can be damaged if it doesn’t receive love and care. But because it can be damaged in appearance, dull and tired-looking skin can impact our mood. 

The more we look after our skin, the more radiant and vibrant it looks. This has hugely positive impacts on our confidence! With a consistent skincare routine, you will have your skin looking fabulous all year round. 

5. Preventative measures are ALWAYS key 

You might be thinking, but my skin looks good right now. Yes, but we know a preventative measure is always going to save time, money and dull, tired-looking skin in the future. To improve skin issues like acne scarring, deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation – just to name a few, skincare routines are key!

6. Is a form of self-care 

We are BIG on self-care. A consistent skincare routine is a great form of self-care and if you treat it like a beautiful, nice experience, you will feel amazing each and every day. You will also feel like you are investing in yourself! 

What does a good skincare routine look like? 

So, what does a good skincare routine for your face look like? The four things you need to think about when forming a good consistent skincare routine is this: 

  1. Choose ingredients that encourage cell turnover
  2. Find skincare that is suited to your skin type
  3. Find skincare that fights against free radicals 
  4. Look at these two: AHA for pigmentation, dry skin and ageing. BHA is better for serious acne issues

Below are some of our skincare products you can use to form a great routine, but of course, if you want a more tailored routine, please contact us today! 


A cleanser is good for removing makeup, oil and dirt from the skin. 

Natural Enzyme Gel Cleanser

Our Natural Enzyme Gel Cleanser is a gentle gel-based cleanser infused with a combination of White Willow Bark and fruit enzymes of Organic Papaya and Pineapple to naturally exfoliate, leaving the skin brighter and softer. Juniper Berry and Lime Essential Oils act as an antibacterial agent to fight against surface bacteria and control blemishes. The natural aroma of Orange, Lime and Bergamot make for a spa-like treatment with each use.


An exfoliator is good for removing dead skin cells to renew and nourish. 

Active Renewal Cream – Hydrate and Exfoliate

This Active Renewal Cream – Hydrate and Exfoliate is set to brighten and nourish skin at the same time. Jojoba oil and shea butter hydrate and protect the skin, whilst apple-derived malic acid and pomegranate exfoliates the skin.


A serum is formulated to brighten and lighten your skin with natural brightening extracts. 

Active Brightening Serum

The serum is suitable for all Skin Types, but most particularly beneficial for Pigmented Skin Types. Active ingredients with high levels of Vitamin A, C & E. Jackfruit, Probiotic Peptide, White Mulberry. Combined together, becomes a powerhouse of anti-ageing nutrients. Added Licorice helps fade hyperpigmentation and sun damage by blocking melanin production to prevent the formation of hyper-pigmentation.

Eye cream 

Aimed to help the skin under our eyes for pigmentation and puffiness.

Intensive Eye Cream – Dark Circles

Soothe delicate under-eye area with cucumber reduces puffiness. Native Lemon Aspen reduces dark circles around the eye area. An essential step in any anti-ageing routine for the 30+ age group. A refreshing Cucumber scent compliments the cooling action of the lotion.

Anti-ageing cream 

Aimed to repair, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. 

Active Anti-Ageing Elixir

A decadent oil blend, rich in vitamins to renew, regenerate, heal and protect the skin. The fresh aroma of Mandarin, Neroli and Pink Lotus.

Facials – weekly 

Of course, a facial weekly is always a great way to form more of a self-care routine BUT also helps with the skin to deep cleanse and leave your skin feeling radiant and ready for the week ahead! 

Are you looking for a new skincare range? Why not test and trail our products while also having an at-home pampering session with facial, check out our Bright and Go facial kit for sale now!! 

Consistency is key for long-lasting results and radiant skin for life!