Burberry Floral Fragrances – The classic European garden

Burberry Floral Fragrances – The classic European garden and trench cult culture.

Posted on September 9, 2020 By Somaly Long

Burberry Floral Fragrances – The classic European garden

The story of Burberry, isn’t fragrances, it’s actually a little more practical than that. Lets look a little into the history of the brand to see how the culture grew from there. It began as a clothing line in the UK in 1856 . The designer Thomas Burberry loved the trench coats. So he invented gabardine fabric and is has become his trademark. So, now you know a bit about the trench coat and Burberry.

Burberry trench coats is stylish yet practical in nature. Since then Burberry as evolved to fragrances and supports his trench coat culture. Burberry line of fragrances resembles the sophistication and contemporary style of the British. Celebrities like Kate Moss and more recently, Meghan Markle can be spotted wearing this iconic heritage style. The modern British style is stretched beyond Britain and now global. It’s the perfect combination of practical and style. A specially ideal coat to transition from Autumn to Spring. The trench coat has definitely reached fashion staple status.

The feminine and sophistication of floral accords

Burberry Floral Fragrances – The classic European garden. When it comes to the descriptive word of “floral, we know its anything to do with flowers. In fragrances, this means anything that resembles a fresh bouquet of flowers. Flower combination is like imagining smelling your fresh cut flowers. This is often an experimental process, if you are really creative!

So, when it comes to floral fragrances that work well together, only a scent sommelier will have the nose for it. Therefore, for ordinary people who love perfume, we just know what works and what we like!  Above all,  we don’t need to invent the wheel. So lets look at some great perfumes that is sure to delight.

Like the trench coat, floral fragrances is stylish and practical. Similarly, it  has always been closely related  with the feminine, elegant and sophisticated women. Because the trench coach represents style and  practical. Firstly, lets  introduce one of Burberry’s iconic fragrance, My Burberry for women. This fragrance tells a story of the British garden and wet earthy notes; My Burberry for women, is a perfume of splendid bouquet of fruit and flowers. This splendid bouquet of flowers by My Burberry for women takes you from day to evening with grace and sophistication.

Freesias, the untold story.

My Burberry for women is a sophisticated blend of floral notes that works well together. By using a very common and easily mailable accord fragrance freesia, he is able to delight you with this fresh and delicate fragrance. You will be surprised how often freesia is used most brand fragrances as either top notes and main accords.

I often noticed freesias  growing in  grass lands as well as in damp forestry areas. The flower is a bulb that just sprung., so freesias are the perfect spring flower. The use of freesia in perfumery is not often given much mention but it is so versatile. When you look at the spring bulb you won’t see it as just another spring flower again. But I never thought much about freesias.

So the story of the freesia in perfumery first appeared in Europe in 1766.  If you can imagine for a moment, what classical and classy courtyard would look like. Well, you can describe it as a garden in France or Italy. It later became known as a scent of fresh and delicate youth. Cottage garden of sweet peas and citrusy notes of bergamot, leading to geranium and freesia flowers. Subtle closing on soft patchouli and rose notes creates  My Burberry for women. The perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was inspired by the urban garden, he wanted to create the feeling of  vibrancy and contemporary style of London.

Spring scents.

Spring is so romantic and fresh with blooms.  I don’t know who wouldn’t appreciate all that glorious flowers. So, if you like me, its a great time to consider a Spring fragrance. Choose one that you can wear all day and well into the night.  Spring time for me always feel fresh and new with new ideas and opportunities. So spring is also when you choose a new fragrance.   So if you hadn’t thought much about what spring means to you, maybe consider it as a time of coming out of hibernation. You would want look amassing and smell amassing too! So, spring is a great time to flaunt your femininity and express your yourself!

What better way to express your self than in your favourite fragrance! After, all that what spring time is all about. It’s the feeling of coming out of hibernation. I just love spring! I feel awakened from a slumber deep sleep. So, not only does the glorious sunshine is great, spring brings  just the right amount of rain and dampness. Well, this makes sense, that’s why flowers bloom and we all become busy little bees.

You can now have every reason to smell like spring. My Burberry for her is such is such a lovely fragrance of fresh cut flowers. Burberry has been able to create his urban garden and bottle up. His combination  of sweet pea, geranium, freesia and rose blends well with citrus bergamot. Burry has manage to create an unforgettably fresh scent. He introduced My Burberry in 2014, since then, it has become one of Burberry’s striking fragrance. My Burberry lets you express your unique femininity and features layers of depth and intensity.

The Weekender

Another great spring time addition is Burberry Weekend. If you want a great floral fragrance that is elegant and sensual, this fragrance is ideal. Burberry bottled up florals with fresh citrus flowers and added a  bit of exotic scents. This great fragrance is perfect for a romantic weekend, you can wear all day while out and about. Much like a beautiful day in the garden wearing a trench coat. The flower accord of blue hyacinth, iris  peach blossom and rose is what Burberry Weekender is all about.

My Burberry, a feminine, fruity and floral fragrance for women