How building your network is a form of self-care


Networking is an action we take to interact with others in order to exchange some form of information or to develop a professional or social relationship. Building on your network can have many benefits to your life from increasing your personal brand to gaining valuable business/career opportunities.

How to build on your self-care and knowledge


Knowledge is power, right? Self-care creates power in yourself, yes? So why don’t we combine the two? Building on your knowledge IS a form of self-care and should be considered when you are developing any form of self-care routine!

How to make friends from attending local events


As women, we are becoming more confident and inclined to attend events to network and make new friends. You might be new to business, new to town or are just looking to build new connections with people in your area. So how do you make friends and build connections by attending local events?

How you can pamper yourself from home


Come on ladies! Let’s start giving ourselves some more TLC!! Pampering yourself from home, how can we achieve this? With the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on us, it is time to add some pampering from the comfort of your home, after all, we are spending a lot more time there.