The benefit of healthy skin to your overall health


Our skin is the largest organ that makes up our body! We need to look after it and be grateful for what it does for us! So, what are the benefits of healthy skin? What does it do to our overall health?

Healthy skin gives us both physical and mental benefits! You will be surprised how much your skin does do for you! So yes, you must nourish your skin and give it the love it deserves. 

Well, let’s discover the benefits of healthy skin and why you must look after it!! 

Why is healthy skin important? 

After all, your skin does protect your body, your internal organs from the outside world. So, you must keep it as healthy as you can so you don’t get sick and of course don’t damage your bones, muscles and organs. If you want more details, see here!


What are the benefits physically for healthy skin? 

  • Protects you from the world! 

As we mentioned, your skin protects all of your insides from the outside world! You must ensure it is healthy so it can be a strong barrier. If your skin is dry or cracked, your skin can then allow microbes into your body, which can make you sick! 

  • The skin helps to regulate your body! 

Not only does it protect you from the outside, but your skin also works to help keep all the things your body needs on the inside. It helps you maintain a good level of hydration and also regulates your body temperature!  

  • Your skin makes Vitamin D

Of course, having too much sun exposure isn’t a good thing. But the sun is the way we as humans get Vitamin D. It all comes from the skin! If you don’t look after your skin, it can struggle to produce Vitamin D, which can impact the health of your bones!  

  • Your skin is sensitive to things that can harm you 

Your skin is the first thing to feel sensations. Good or bad, your skin will know if something is going to harm you! If you touch something hot, your skin will feel the sensation. 


What are the benefits mentally for healthy skin? 

  • Your skin can increase your confidence 

If you look after your skin, it can help with your self-confidence! The more you look after your skin, the nicer it will look appearance wise as well! 

  • Your skin can help with self-care

If you have a good skincare routine, it can be part of your self-care routine. The more you do this, the better you will feel! Invest in yourself and your skin! 

What can be harmful to your skin? 

When it comes to your skin, of course, things can happen that impact the health of it. The good thing about the skin is, you have enough layers to protect yourself if you lose a few layers. 

If you do injure your skin, make sure you do what you need to recover and help it heal! If you don’t you will end up with scars and other complications! 

Things that can impact the overall health of your skin include: 

  • Falling over or causing cuts, bumps or scrapes to your skin 
  • Ache 
  • Burns to your skin (sun burns and heat burns)
  • Bites from insects 
  • Skin disease 

How to protect and look after your skin

Of course, a skin routine is key for looking after your skin! So are regular nourishment and facials. 

Please chat to us today on how you can keep your skin healthy!! But here are a few high-level treatments for healthy skin. 

  • Keep it clean!! Cleanse your skin with water and treatments 
  • Enjoy the fun but wear sunscreen 
  • Be physically active 
  • Drink enough water daily 
  • Eat nutritious foods 
  • Get enough sleep 

Final thoughts 

Our skin sheds itself daily! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after the skin you currently have!! If you don’t, not only can you end up with dull-looking skin, but it can have impacts on your overall health!! 

Every skin type is different, so you must understand what works best for your skin type! Just like anything, looking after your skin is not a “set and forget” type scenario. You must always look after your skin! 

You can do this from the above suggestions and of course but having a consistent skincare routine that works for you! Don’t just make it part of your self-care Sunday. Make it part of your everyday routine!! 

Think of your future mental and physical health! 

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